Cordless Microphones

Cordless Microphones

Cordless Microphones

Multimedia Tech offers a variety of cordless microphones. Avoid the clutter of wires that accompany traditional microphone systems as well as the need to drill special holes for grommets let alone carrying that ugly cord when using a corded mike.

Fantastic Flexibility

Many speakers fall into the trap of thinking they don’t need a microphone.  “I’m a REAL speaker. I don’t need cordless microphones. I’ll just shout my speech!” Don’t make that mistake. Cordless microphones are your friends and allow you greater flexibility in your vocal variety. This is especially important for speakers who are delivering important information to the current audience. Cordless microphones add spice to the company’s conference room since the audience needs to hear your punch-lines. Cordless microphones help you meet both needs.

Secure conversations

We can setup cordless microphones that can be placed anywhere in your conference room to deliver clear audio on both phone and video conferencing. The transmissions are equipped with 128-bit encryption ensuring that your conversations are secure. These  come in a wide range of systems to meet all conference room needs, from the very small to the very large. We have all the solutions for those important meetings that everyone will remember. Our commercial A/V services provide you with a full range of options, have one of our specialist provide you with a complete and precise price quote contact us now (281) 402-6777

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