Surround Sound Speakers In The Home

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April 12, 2016
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April 19, 2016

Surround Sound Speakers In The Home

surround sound speakers

After several years installing audio video systems Multimedia Tech has find out that the majority of people watch television and DVD’s or Blu-ray’s through their TVs and while these do the job it certainly does little to enhance the film experience compared to installing surround sound speakers in their homes in Houston, TX.

Surround Sound Speakers Deliver a Huge Impact

Most TV’s have woeful built in speakers but because we are used to using them it tends to go unnoticed. If you are a film lover and appreciate good quality sound a relatively inexpensive outlay can have a huge impact on your home theatre experience.

Surround Sound Speakers – 2 Channels HiFi System

One of the simplest and often cheapest options would be to use two external stereo speakers. This isn’t a surround sound system by definition but the two channels blasted through two reasonable quality speakers make a huge difference. Frequencies you are not used to hearing from standard TV speakers will fill the room, especially if the flat screen tv installation is over a fireplace using a wall mount which will add plenty of bass which in return will add to the cinema feel. This is achieved by many people by simply feeding the sound channel through their standard home audio of hi-fi system but you can also buy a separate AV receiver and two good quality speakers.

Surround Sound Speakers – Affordable & Better Results

In this case you can spend your budget on 2 decent quality speakers such as Martin Logan, Klipsch or Polk rather than spreading it over several lower quality speakers and generally get a better result. You may want to add in a separate sub-woofer for the low channels, hi-fi speakers already have a decent ability to cope with this job as they are built to be used alone. The advantages of this system are that you won’t need to have wires running to the back of the room, you won’t have speakers behind you of course but you will have powerful and good quality sound coming at you from the front and bouncing of the walls to fill the room.

Don’t spend too much of your budget on a receiver, pump most of it to the speakers as this is where you will really notice the difference.

Francisco Hernandez

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