TV Mount Types Infographic

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HDR Infographic
December 26, 2017
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Fireplace TV Installation Infographic
January 2, 2018
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TV Mount Types Infographic

TV Mount Types Infographic

Choosing the right TV mount type is one the main aspects of ensuring the desired functionality and aesthetics are met when mounting a TV.

TV Mount Types Infographic

TV Mount Types Infographic showing 6 different mounts used when mounting a TV to the wall

Depending of the TV size and viewing distance, televisions are the focal point of the room. TV mounts are come in different types of designs:

Tilting: Move up and down +/- 0 to 30 degrees.

Flat: No tilt allowed.

Articulating: Combine Tilting, flat and angle capabilities.

Ceiling: Combine Tilting, flat and rotating capabilities while attached to the ceiling.

Motorized: Integrate a small engine capable of adjusting the TV mount to the desired tilt, angle, and rotation.

Video Wall: Designed for commercial applications, video wall mounts allow to perfectly align several TVs horizontally, vertically or a combination of both.

All Kind Of Television Mounts

All mounts provided by Multimedia Tech come with a lifetime warranty.

  • Tilting
  • Flat
  • Articulating
  • Ceiling
  • Motorized
  • Video Wall

And even TV mounts with specific functions:

  • Pull down
  • Double Arm
  • Single Arm
  • Low profile
  • Single stud
  • Double stud
  • Universal

All mounts provided by Multimedia Tech come with a lifetime warranty and follow all the technical specifications recommended by the manufacturers. There is no need to guess which bracket fits a television, Multimedia Tech has all the kinds needed to finish the project the same day its started.

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