Multimedia Tech Average Cost Guide

Multimedia Tech Average Cost Guide will give you examples of how much your AV service might cost.

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Please note:

All costs are average costs. Your costs, however, may be different from the estimated cost structures written. Use this information solely as a guide, not the final price. Please call us to schedule a free estimate for your specific AV service needs.

  • Home Theater Installation
  • AV Receiver Installation
  • Home Audio Installation
  • Smart Device Installation

Multimedia Tech AV Services:

Home Theater Installation: $499 – $2999

Depends on AV equipment
Mount can go as high as $499

Projector Installation: $249 – $999

Depends on Projector Brand
Mount can go as high as $799

Projection Screen Installation$149 – $999

Depends on projections screen brand
Brackets can be $149 – $699

Speaker Installation$149 – $1999

Depends on speaker brand and types

Enclosures can be $49 – $299

TV Mounting$99 – $499

Depends on TV size and location

Low Voltage Wiring Installation$89 – $499

Depends on drop length

Remote Control Programming$149 – $649

Depends on remote control brand
Remotes can go as high as $999.00

Home Audio Installation$99 – $2999

Depends on the number of speaker zones

Smart Device Installation$99 – $299

Depends on the device brand