Certified Staff

Certified Staff

All of our certified staff at Multimedia Tech has had on the job and industry certifications on electronic systems and product knowledge. Our supervisors have been trained personally by the owners of the company as well as attending accredited industry training courses. We believe the combination of industry and on the job training is the best possible preparation.

Staff is trained and supervised

All of the integrators have been extensively trained and are supervised by the supervisors on all jobs. If a team of integrators is required then a supervisor is allocated to this job. The supervisor is responsible for all the work done and all work is checked off by the supervisor before the client’s inspection.

Finished on schedule

In a contract situation, the area manager is in constant contact with the supervisors to make sure there are no problems and everything is finished on schedule. Our FAQs answer some of the common questions about us and how we get things done. We are here to help you contact us (281) 402-677

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