Commercial Shading Solutions

Commercial Shading Solutions

Commercial Shading Solutions

Commercial shading solutions for your space! Sunlight invigorates the workplace, but can also decrease productivity with glare and over-heating spaces. Regulate daylight with commercial shading solutions from Multimedia Tech designed to optimize comfort and lower energy costs. Systems can also be automated and integrated with other controls for additional savings and comfort.

Optimize Daylight & Save Energy

Most buildings today are over-lit because lights are on at full intensity while there is already ample daylight in the space. This wastes energy, creates discomfort, and reduces productivity. Shading solutions allow office spaces to stay cool during the day and feel pleasant during the night.

Increase Productivity & Comfort

Preferred light levels and shading solutions are conducive to a productive work environment. Automatically set lights and shades to adjust throughout the day based on daylight available or provide employees with individual control so their needs can be met.

Create a More Flexible Space

Shading solutions by zones easily re-configure to allow for flexible use of a room without rewiring. Each zone can be altered to meet specific daylight needs.

Save Money

Well installed shading solutions offer shades that block and reflect direct sunlight during the day to reduce the demand on air conditioning systems during the summer. Certain fabrics are dual-sided with a white or silver backing to deflect more sunlight. In colder months, lowered shades can provide an insulating barrier to keep the building warmer. By automatically adjusting electric light levels in response to daylight, electric lighting needs can also be reduced.

Versatile Design Options

When selecting shading systems, you have the choice of technology, control, and fabric. With hundreds of fabrics to choose from in different opacity and color, a conference room can have sheer fabrics for a meeting but blackout shades for an A/V presentation. Bottom-up shades can offer privacy on the first floor with a dim-out fabric while higher levels use a dual-sided fabric to create a uniform appearance from the outside while deflecting more daylight for increased energy savings.

Mix & Match

Small offices, conference rooms, and whole buildings have different needs and are not confined to sharing the same systems if working together. Having all shading systems work together on one system does not eliminate personalized control if the needs of a space change throughout the day. One of our experts can visit you to create a custom plan that fits your office space. Call today (281) 402-6777

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