Delivery Methods

Delivery Methods

Regardless of the delivery method, our approach to every project is the same—industry-leading safety, quality, and project management processes to surpass your expectations.

Each building market and the owner may potentially select a different delivery method to best plan, design, and construct their project.

We have experience with the full range of these, ranging from Hard Bid, where Multimedia Tech has no involvement during the design phase, to Integrated Project Delivery (IPD), where Multimedia Tech plays an integral role beginning early the design process.

The following highlights the range of our experience:

Hard Bid

Multimedia Tech is awarded a “lump sum” contract for commercial installation services as a result of a price competition based on client-provided contract documents.

Construction Management (CM)

Multimedia Tech performs pre-installation and installation phase services and is not contracted to self-perform facets of the work. Over 90% of our CM services are conducted on an “at-risk” basis, with Multimedia Tech holding all subcontracts and guaranteeing the cost/schedule. The balance of our CM services is “for a fee”—in which the client holds all subcontracts.

During the CM process, Multimedia Tech is involved with the commercial builder, architect, and consultants from conceptual design through construction and until the facility is operational and occupied.

Multimedia Tech’s diversified services offer clients complete control over cost, schedule, constructability, quality, start-up, and warranties.

Contracting (GC)

Multimedia Tech performs pre-installation and installation phase services that are awarded as a result of contract negotiations and does self-perform facets of the work.

Multimedia Tech tradespeople self-perform a wide variety of civil and structural work for commercial audiovisual systems, as well as selected finishes and equipment installation.

By performing the most critical portions of installation with our forces, Multimedia Tech exercises maximum control over cost, schedule, and quality-related issues.

If needed, all subcontracts are held by Multimedia Tech, and the cost/schedule is guaranteed, with the cost contracted on a “lump sum” or “guaranteed max” basis.

Construction Management/General Contracting (CM/GC)

Multimedia Tech performs a combination of the two delivery methods described above as a result of contract negotiations.

Pre Installation services are conducted before the project start; during the installation phase, Multimedia Tech may self-perform facets of the work.

Design-Assist (DA)

Multimedia Tech brings an expanded team to the project during pre-installation to augment the design team in their efforts.

A primary focus of Design-Assist is for the commercial AV installers to work side-by-side with the design professionals to create the best solution to meet all of the owner’s needs.

Besides, through our VDC technology program, we significantly enhance the sharing and transfer of information from design to installation, streamlining the process.

Design-Build (DB)

Multimedia Tech executes a “single source” contract, which includes all services for planning, designing, finishing, and commissioning of a project.

In concert with our VDC technology in design-build, Multimedia Tech brings the leadership and management to virtually build the project in the design collaborating with all team members.

These include having 100% shop drawings completed as part of the design. Contracts are “for a fee” or “lump sum.”

Integrated Project Delivery (IPD)

Multimedia Tech enters into a joint agreement between the owner, the design team, and the construction team to provide collaborative design and installation, with incentives shared by all team members when the project goals are achieved.

IPD projects enable Multimedia Tech to fully integrate our installer’s approach, safety program, quality program, and VDC technology to achieve success for all team members.

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