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Home Automation

Home Automation

Home automation – entertainment solutions focus on the enjoyment of audio and video. This area includes creating home theaters, unifying home entertainment systems under a single remote and listening to your music wherever you are in your home. There are four sub solutions within the entertainment area from simplex to most complex they are:

  • Family Room
  • Home Theater
  • Multi-room Audio
  • Multi-room Video

A family room entertainment system exist in a single non dedicated room. The main goal of such a solution is usually to make the various components such as Television, Receiver, Cable Box, Blu-Ray Player, or even maybe a set top streaming box like an Apple TV all work together with a single remote control. A home theater installation exists in a dedicated room. It uses a projector instead of a television and often has more specialized components. A home theater may incorporate lighting and climate control.

Multi-room audio solutions distribute audio to multiple rooms each acting as a discrete audio zone. This can mean playing the same music in several different zones or it can mean playing audio from different sources to different zones as desired by different family members.

The components of a multi-room audio solution typically include:
Audio Sources: AV receiver, AirPlay, Bluetooth sources and audio streaming devices
Audio Distribution: Audio Matrix Switch
Audio Zones: Speakers play whatever audio source is desired.

Multi-room Video

Multi-room video solutions distributes video through a home. A homeowner may want to show the same program synchronized in multiple rooms of the house, or they may want the ability to leave one room and continue watching in another, or may want to have the ability to access the media library from whatever room they happened to be in where there is a TV installation done.

Lighting Solutions

Lighting solutions do more than just allowing control over individual lights. lights can be orchestrated together as scenes to suit any desired mood. The lighting scene for a social dinner party is quite likely different from that of a romantic dinner or a family cooking together. Lighting scene may even be created as a welcome scene that brightly welcomes you when you arrive home in the evening. Likewise, a simple way to turn off all the lights in the house can be installed right at your bedside. And the notion of a simple universal remote takes on a whole new meaning when you can not only start a movie from the comfort of your sofa but also bring down the lights to the perfect movie watching level.

Wireless Lighting

Wireless lighting includes beautifully designed switches, dimmers, keypads and fan controls that can be labeled with custom engraving and customized LED colors for pilot lights. These components can be control with a low bandwidth frequency for reliability and convenience. Best of all these components can replace existing dimmers and light switches they are particular well suited for retrofitting existing home’s lighting.

Centralized Lighting

Centralized lighting connects lighting loads to lighting modules housed in a central box. Centralized keypads have the same look and feel of wireless keypads but the keypads are directly wired back to the centralized modules in the enclosure.


  • Reliability
    Centralized lighting does not rely on wireless communication. This makes it reliable and resilient in the face of interference or in environments where wireless communication just doesn’t work well.
  • Aesthetics
    Homeowners or home designers often don’t like the look of switches all over the wall or multi-gang switch boxes. Centralized lighting reduces the need of switches on the wall giving it a less cluttered and more streamlined aesthetics. Because centralized lighting requires custom electrical wiring runs between the control panel and the controlled lighting loads and then the keypads that may be installed it is typically only practical for new construction.

Overall lighting solutions give the homeowner control over the illumination of their home for aesthetics, efficiency and safety.

Comfort and Convenience

Comfort and Convenience includes four sub solutions. First includes a video intercom solution, second it includes climate solutions for control over heating, air conditioning and humidity. Pool and Spa solutions offer the same benefits with the added functions of turning on the Spa whenever necessary using pre-determined settings. And finally shades solutions that provide automation for shades blinds and other window treatments.

Video Intercom

Video intercom is an interactive video solution that combines elegance and speed with customer preferred door and phone systems. In addition to making calls from room to room the intercom solution allows the homeowner to see who just rang the front door bell and chose to speak with them or not, it can also be used to monitor children in other rooms which can be activated by having touchscreens either in wall or as a tabletop and even optionally and a control door station.


Climate solutions allow complete automation of the home’s heating, ventilation, air conditioning and humidity systems.
The wireless thermostat provides a sophisticated climate control from a unit that complements the high end style of your home automation wireless lighting.

Pool and Spa

Pool and Spa solutions gives the homeowner controls that make it easy to turn on the heat, set the temperature or crank the jets with instant visual feedback on a user interface that is super easy to use.


Shades solutions provide automation that opens and closes blinds and shades for privacy and energy efficiency. Shade can be scheduled to close to defend against the blazing afternoon sun or the cold of night or even to let the morning light in and of course a homeowner can enjoy easy control from a keypad a touch screen or a mobile device.

These four sub-solutions: Video intercom, climate, pool and spa and shades are all closely allied under the comfort and convenience area. As you can see each of these can easily roundup a whole home solution. Music and pool go great together as do shades and lighting or automate a fireplace while watching a movies.

Safety and Security

Safety and security integrated several aspects into the home automation experience. It includes five sub-solutions within it.

Video Monitoring

Video monitoring is a cornerstone to safety and security. A homeowner can access any of their cameras and see its videos from touchscreens, mobile app or an on screen display. The homeowner can even review its captured history from the Network Video Recorder too.


Sensors do the job of detecting a state and notifying events or changes on state. For example a door sensor can tell the state of a door (open or close) it can also tell the home automation system when an event changes a state such as when a closed door opens or an open door closes. The system then can perform an action based on that open or close event. Let say you want a light to turn on whenever a motion sensor detects some movement. In this example the detection of a movement is an event and then turning on the lights is the action or even better you can have the same event performing a different action such as causing a video camera to start recording to a Network Video Recorder instead of turning on the light or even more advanced; you can have that event trigger both actions. Sensor give you endless flexibility for customizing a home automation installation project.

Besides sensors for door and windows there are motion sensors, smoke and CO1 (carbon monoxide) sensors, water leak detectors, pressure sensors, air and fluid temperature sensors and many others depending of the application.


Alerts are a special type of action that dispatches notifications through media such as email, text messages or even in home announcements through the speakers of the audio system.


Locks are closely allied to sensors because each lock has states such as currently locked or currently unlocked. Locks also have events such as a change from locked to unlocked. The lock are also targets for actions. For example, Press a button to turn off all lights from a bedside touch panel can also lock all the lock around the house for your immediate convenience.

Security Panels

Security panels are closely related to sensors where all the change of states and actions are available on a security panel. This can result on a vast array of new sensor inputs. These five sub-solutions video monitoring, sensors, alerts, locks and security panels form a safety and security solutions area. As it’s named this solution’s are is primarily concerned with making the home a safer more secure place to live.

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