Home Builders

Home Builders

Home builders who include our control systems in their new construction secure an edge on the competition by allowing them to offer more options which gives buyers what they want. State of the art smart construction – that’s what new property buyers want.

Home Builders


Multimedia Tech has extensive experience working with home builders, architects, designers, subcontractors and commercial builders to meet the technology needs of just about any client; while providing easy-to-use solutions that these sophisticated buyers expect and demand.

Get It Done!

In the fast-paced and ever-changing world of the ones that get it done; speed, quality and cost effectiveness make all the difference. No matter how difficult the task at hand we can definitely assist you with all your av needs.

Service Provider

That’s why we are home AV installers first, who know what it takes how to cater to the home builders industry, marrying our intimate knowledge of the craft with the latest technology. Creating innovative, cost/benefit solutions for the most complex construction challenges. And always, ensuring faster and safer execution by managing every aspect of your project, from pre-installation through completion. We bring our financial strength, industry relationships and reputation as a commercial av company to work on every home builders project.

Innovative Approach

From home builders pursuing LEED certification to one-of-a-kind housing experiences, our approach is hands-on. Built from decades of av installation experience across the nation, always expect the best from our designers and installers. And, we’ll bring our best to the projects you entrust to us. Together we work to make your vision a reality. Call us today and find out how we can make everything easier for you (281) 402-6777.

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