Affirmative Action Policy Statement

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August 19, 2018
Equal Employment Opportunity Policy Statement
August 19, 2018
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Multimedia Tech believes that a diverse workforce and an environment committed to sharing ideas and values among ethnic, gender, and other protected groups builds upon a successful employment experience. Multimedia Tech will take affirmative action to assure equal access to employment opportunities to all persons based on individual merit, interest, and job related qualifications, including but not limited to, women, minorities, persons with disabilities to the full extent permitted by law. Multimedia Tech will strive to hire the most qualified candidates from a diverse pool of applicants in order to further the goals of the company.

Equal access to employment opportunities requires a periodic review of selection procedures to identify and remove artificial barriers to employment opportunities for qualified persons in legally protected classifications. In addition, each employee or applicant shall receive individualized consideration when being considered for employment or retention. Personnel matters, such as, retention, promotion, transfer, demotion, discipline, compensation, access to training and benefits, and etc. will also be made in accordance with these policies.

As part of its recruitment efforts, Multimedia Tech will increase its outreach to professional organizations and associations that focus on underrepresented individuals. Multimedia Tech will also identify and target diversity driven job sites when posting announcements and job vacancies to broaden its applicant pool.