Post Installation Services

Close-out starts on Day 1.

Multimedia Tech takes pride in our ability to close out projects quickly.

Our processes begin on Day 1, as our team identifies required items for final project completion with our post-installation services, and then we pursue them, so nothing is left incomplete.

At the start of the installation, we compile a close-out checklist-utilizing a computerized database to monitor items required for final project completion, such as warranties, last lien releases, as-built drawings, and extra stock materials.

Our Quality Program Avoids Punch Lists

Multimedia Tech’s comprehensive Quality Program we proactively establish the commercial builder’s, architect’s, project manager’s, and engineer’s expectations of the final product through mock-ups, eliminating the majority of typical punch list items.

Our reinforcement of these expectations through pre-installation meetings, first installation verifications, and ongoing verifications and testing provides you with the right thing the first time.

We close out all installations at lightning speed

We begin by identifying incomplete items and issuing notifications to each installer-items, such as punch list issues, O&M manuals, warranties, and as-built drawings.

Once all punch list items are complete. We leave the path open for your verification.

The Multimedia Tech team works closely with the fire marshal, building department, and inspectors to define and implement an occupancy plan.

If phased occupancy is desired, Multimedia Tech obtains temporary permits for those new sections on time.

We follow up on guarantees and warranties

Multimedia Tech and the project owner establish a date for beginning the Guarantee/Warranty period.

We follow up on warranty issues and review these with the owner quarterly. We first obtain all guarantees and warranties, test certificates, and other paperwork required by the contract documents.

We present the owner with all equipment brochures and operating manuals, including lists of equipment manufacturers and service providers, in your preferred, easy-to-use format. Also, we furnish an inventory of equipment manufacturers, including contact information and expiration dates of all guarantee/warranty periods.

We coordinate warranty work orders through correction or repair. Finally, Multimedia Tech provides as part of our warranty commitment a one-year warranty inspection.

We tie up all loose ends

Here is where the rubber truly meets the road.

You can have all the systems and procedures known to man, but even the most forward-thinking technology is all but useless in the wrong hands.

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