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Multimedia Tech Press Release: Extended Warranty Plans

Multimedia Tech announces its new extended warranty plans now available for all customers in Houston, T.X. Multimedia Tech today announced the addition of extended warranty plans or 3 or 5 years for home automation, flat screen TV’s, computers, tablets, electronics. All, available for residential and commercial clients. You can now purchase an extended warranty plan when you purchase equipment from Multimedia Tech by calling (281) 402-6777

This is the latest service that Multimedia Tech has built for its clients “An additional layer of protection” said Francisco Hernandez, CEO and founder at Multimedia Tech. “We encourage all our customers to take advantage of these extended warranty plans we now offer, peace of mind for a great value.” Multimedia Tech builds its reputation by providing exceptional levels of service, reliability,  support and quality to its clients.

Extended Warranty Plans

Multimedia Tech Press Release: Remote Control Programming Services

Multimedia Tech Announces URC, PRO Control, and RTI Programming Services in Houston Texas: Service developed and marketed by Multimedia Tech with the assistance and support of remote control manufactures is now available: Houston, T.X. – July 16, 2014 – Multimedia Tech, the leader in whole-house control, today announced integration of Remote Control Programming to its field services. The service call can be scheduled by calling (281) 402-6777 or by visiting Multimedia Tech’s website. After months of study in the area of RF and IR Multimedia Tech finally is an accredited local business in the city of Houston Texas authorized to program URC, PRO Control, and RTI remotes For maximum service now Multimedia Tech’s Field Service Installers can integrated audio-visual system using the standard Android or iOS apps, smart remote controls, RF or IR base modules. Supported features include the ability to control old remotes with discontinued codes that now can be reprogrammed with special computer based software by certified remote control programmers. This is the latest of several more services that Multimedia Tech in Houston has built for its clientele “Advanced remote control programming,” said Francisco Hernandez, CEO at Multimedia Tech. “We encourage all current and previous customers to take advantage of services we now offer, affordable prices for a great value.” This Multimedia Tech remote control programming service was developed independently by its CEO, Francisco Hernandez, with assistance and support of URC, PRO Control, and RTI computer software, Universal remote control programming is now possible and done smartly fast by the logic and certified training that Multimedia Tech’s Field technicians acquired throughout these lasts months. Remote Control Programming by Multimedia Tech in Houston Texas offers home and businesses unprecedented ease and efficiency. Technologically, it features the latest in innovation and simplicity. Fully scalable, users can begin with a modest system and continue to add features as their needs expand. Home theater, A/V components, lighting, HVAC (thermostat) and window shades are just a few of the items that can be integrated into a universal remote control system from Multimedia Tech. About Multimedia Tech Multimedia Tech is a privately held American company dedicated to providing superior control products for homes and businesses. Founded in 2010 and headquartered in Houston, TX, Multimedia Tech has serviced over 10,000 clients in the Houston Texas in the last 4 years alone, and is an emerging force in whole-house control with its Remote Control Programming line of services. Multimedia Tech has built its reputation by delivering exceptional levels of quality, service, reliability and support to its customers.

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