Residential Lighting Control

Residential Lighting Control

Residential Lighting Control

Residential Lighting Control Whether you are seeking to create the perfect ambiance in every room of your home, automate your residential lighting control system so that every light can be controlled from the same remote, or reduce your energy costs and your carbon footprint without having to make any effort, Multimedia Tech has the residential lighting control for you. Our advanced home automation technologies make it possible to control your home theater lights from across the room, the other side of town, or halfway around the globe. Depending on your preference, your automated light system can be controlled from a keypad or a touch screen, such as your iPhone, iPod, or Android-powered smartphone.

Reduce Energy Consumption

If you have heard that home automation is for lazy homeowners, you have heard wrong. Residential lighting control are about much more than saving a trip from the couch to the wall to flick a switch. It is about keeping your home safe and reducing your energy consumption. Residential lighting control enables you to travel from one side of city to the other and beyond without having to worry about whether or not you shut off or dimmed a light before you set off for work or a long-haul journey.

Custom Design

Residential lighting control systems vary considerably, and can be custom designed to fit the needs of the households for which they are designed. Coordinating and implementing residential lighting control is a complex process, even if the installation professionals tasked with the automation of your home make it look simple. Multimedia Tech offers the diversity in equipment and general flexibility required to meet your home lighting needs and desires, whatever they may be.

Full Control

Home automation extends beyond residential lighting control. In addition to turning lights on, switching them off, and dimming them from one device, you can control your shades, tv installation and also home theater speaker system, and even your air conditioning unit. You can program your blinds to close every day at a certain time to protect your Persian rugs or other special fabrics from exposure to natural lighting or reduce glare from reflecting on your TV screen.


Scalability is key!  Our solutions don’t require a global upgrade.  Only automate the areas you see fit: Heavy traffic areas, restrooms, living rooms, that back bedroom or home office light that always gets left on.

Residential lighting control systems are energy efficient and eco-friendly – automatic dimming of lights translates into a longer bulb, lower energy consumption and lower utility bills. Lighting control systems can be programmed to switch on at your convenience—at sunset, a specific time each day, or depending upon the amount of daylight left.

Residential lighting control can enhance security at your home or office.  Install motion sensors that when activated turn on lights to deter burglars by not giving them a place to lurk.  You can also integrate lighting with your security system and turn all lights on to 100% when in alarm or blink on and off to draw attention to the fleeing burglar.

A well-designed residential lighting control system makes your home easier to use for you and your guests. Instead of endless banks of switches how about a single keypad with each button clearly labeled as to what it does. This same key pad can dim the lights and control an entire scene not just one light, like conventional lighting.

• Have lights turn on automatically to welcome you home.

• Use motion sensors for hands-free illumination in the dark.

• Turn off all the lights with a single touch—except for the kids’ night lights.

• Program the lights to shut off automatically when a room is unoccupied.

• Combine lighting with curtain control and the whole house looks lived in even when you’re away.

• Increases the beauty of your home by properly illuminating every room as well as the exterior.

• Saves energy, thereby reducing the amount of fossil fuels consumed and the amount of carbon dioxide released back into the atmosphere.

• Promotes safety in the event of an emergency such as a fire, burglary, or home invasion.

• Simplifies use with clearly labeled keypads and touch panels.

• Makes your life more efficient by making it easy to turn rooms or even the entire house off with the touch of a button.

We, at Multimedia Tech, specialize on the installation of residential lighting control. Our professionals are equipped with demo kits so you can see the magic before it happens. Call now to setup your demonstration (281) 402-677

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