Invisible Speaker Module

Invisible speakers are becoming the next trend on home theater and home automation installations all over the United States.

These beauties are defying the high-quality sound of the regular high-end speakers.

Aesthetically these devices have no comparison.

An essential thing to mention is that invisible speakers are not less reliable or have a lower quality than the regular speakers; they are wireless and hidden for the eyesight when installed.

Along with the invisible speakers, you will need a subwoofer and amplifier, which is designed to optimize the output of every speaker and upgrade your audio experience. This is because the digital sound processing has been remastered for several ways to cause a large formation of materials like drywall, concrete walls, glass, metal, wooden and carpeted flooring to get the highest performance.

The speakers can have an even more exceptional performance if the audio signal is calibrated to optimize the substrates’ acoustic signature with a high-end amplifier and some well placed acoustic panels.

The digital feedback and path control will be revealed with the most delicate details of the source paneling for fantastic quality, another consideration you must have in mind is the size of the room and the type of wall, because small-sized speakers and small IR sensors will work better for small to regular sized bedrooms, but they are not designed for open or bigger rooms because of the IR sensors, if you have a larger room then consider to double the number of speakers needed for that particular area.

Steps Getting These Type Of Speakers

The considerations and steps when planning to get invisible speakers are many, so be careful when installing this acoustic gear, for example:

Basic Knowledge

when you are buying an electronic device besides knowing the price and brand, you got to know the basics, which components, functionality how reliable the AV component is.

For this, you Google it or read the device front page at the store to now basics before buying.

Also, if you are already at the store, do not be afraid to ask about any other functionality of such a device to the employee at hand, they will provide some new fundamental knowledge about the device you want.

Brand And Price

Number one mistake people do buy the most expensive speakers hoping they will get the most excellent sound ever, not authentic.

Price is not always a warranty for a good quality sound, so make sure you find a reliable and known brand before taking it home, the internet is the best tool you can have for this step.

Room Size And Speaker Amount

Most important than the brand is the size of the room and the number of speakers installed. This is because a more extensive room requires a more significant amount of speakers.


For example, if you have a regular or small room, the number of speakers required will be three, and a subwoofer will not be necessary.

But if you have a larger room then six speakers, subwoofer and amplifiers can correctly do the job for you.

Right Installation For You AV Gear

For this step is very important to mention that if you are not a trained, experienced technician and don’t have the proper knowledge about audiovisual gear then do not attempt to do it yourself and get professional AV company like ours.

This is because if you don’t install the invisible speakers correctly, at the right place, right height, distance, or even the correct settings, then you will not get the full performance out of them,

So, this is the most critical step you must take into consideration.


Last but not least, this is a crucial step to follow to achieve the most excellent audio atmosphere with invisible speakers.

Remember to ask for warranties to a supplier, provider, or installer. Simply because you don’t know how well the invisible speaker will develop in your media room, or sometimes the clients love so much the speakers that they want to change them to get even more significant, better, or more considerable amount of speakers. Still, in the end, it doesn’t matter the reason, make sure you always ask for warranties it will give you peace of mind.