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Dreaming about how beautiful your brand new 4K HDTV would look mounted on the wall for your home or business? We understand - Multimedia Tech is here to tackle that task for you. Only the best TV installers can mount your TV just the way you want it.

Add a TV mount

Need a TV mount? Confused about what kind to purchase? Panicking because you no clue what kind of tv mount the right bracket for your TV is? Don't worry - We bring all tilting and articulating TV mounts on the day of the installation. Compatibility is never a problem whether you want a fixed mount, a tilt mount, or a full-motion mount. We find the one that fits your TV to get that flat screen up on the wall.

10 Years of Experience Mounting TVs

Since 2010, Multimedia Tech has provided the best TV mounting for customers all over the city. The level of installation knowledge and in the field experience our installers have developed over 10 years of operations have no comparison among our competitors.

Any TV Brand

It doesn't matter what type of brand new television you've purchased. Samsung, Sharp, Vizio, Panasonic, Sony or LG. Our professional TV installers have installed all TV brands before and will never have an issue installing your TV on your wall.

  • Certified technicians
  • Customer service 24/7
  • Multimedia Tech Guarantee
  • Affordable, no bait and switch pricing

On All Type of Walls

Our TV installers have experienced all kinds of mounting surfaces. Whether your wall is drywall, bricks, concrete, wood or plaster, we'll mount your TV, no problem.

  • Install a compatible flat, tilting or articulating mount
  • Integrate all the devices
  • Customer service 24/7
  • Our techs will be fully equipped with all the tools
  • Install on any type of surface
  • If required, dismount your old TV


Answers to frequently asked questions from our TV mounting experts

1Who mounts the TVs?

TV installers have attended a minimum of +100 training courses with certifications on custom electronics systems to validate why we provide the best television mounting services in Houston, Texas.

Simply because of the mix of audiovisual technologies, the right tools, guidance, and on-site training is the best way to reach perfection and knowledge to provide and deliver the best installation service for you.

Our TV installers will ensure the TV wall mount is UL certified (Underwriter Laboratories) and RoHS compliant (Restriction of the Use of certain Hazardous Substances in Electrical and Electronic Equipment).

In general, the installer who does the mounting will also provide a TV mount that is fully compatible with the VESA standard used by the TV manufacturer.

Additionally, our installers are very familiar with building codes and fire codes. Just remember, in Texas, fire codes don’t allow high-voltage power cords installed behind walls. But, low-voltage wires like HDMI and audio-video cables are generally acceptable.

However, if you still need a power outlet for your TV when it is mounted on the wall. Then, we can install a power relocation kit that allows us to install 110V power plugs and also provides the flexibility to fit the low voltage cables in the wall for a clean look that is up to code.

We believe the combination of industry and on the job training is the best possible preparation.

2Can a TV be installed above a fireplace?

Yes! our installers can mount your flat-screen TV above your fireplace to make your living room more luxurious and spacious.

In fact, this trick is used by professional interior decorators who hire TV installers to mount your TV with a tilting or full-motion bracket mount.

Think about it for a minute, a tilting or full-motion mount provides the best viewing angle for your TV above the fireplace.

And if you wonder if your fireplace place can be used to mount the TV, let us reassure you that regardless if the fireplace surface is made of drywall, concrete, plaster, tiles, or stones we will find a way to install your TV.

Does not matter if the fireplace isn’t prewired to mount a TV, our fireplace TV installers will fish all the cables even through the attic, or the built-in cabinetry if necessary.

3How much does it cost to mount a TV?

Exponentially improve your home decor with all the benefits that television mounting services provide.

Our price starts at $99 for a 65 inch TV mounted on regular drywall.

These are additional factors that can influence quoting you a different price:

  • Type of the wall you want the TV mounted on.
  • Cable concealment.
  • Type of TV bracket.
  • The number of devices connected to the TV.
  • TV installation height.
  • Installation of power relocation kit.
  • Amount of time taken to fulfill your request.
4What's included with the TV mounting service?
  • Placement and integration consultation
  • New TV unpacking
  • Damages & defects inspection
  • TV wall mount installation
  • AV sources integration
  • Customer orientation
  • Installation debris removal
  • Includes lifetime warranty on workmanship
5How long does it take to mount my TV?

After more than ten years of experience mounting TVs on all types of walls, we have concluded that an entry-level wall mounting on drywall may take approximately 60 to 90 mins to complete while more complex custom installations on other surfaces such as stone or bricks with concealed cabling can take six or more hours.

Note that there are unique situations where the time it takes to finish the install can be a little longer.

Such as, installing on stone walls or dismounting your existing TV.

However, you can expect a more complicated installation to take around 2-4 hours to finish.

6Will I see the cables when the TV mounting is completed?

Our entry-level TV installation does not include in-wall wiring or cable concealment of any type. However, we can still fish the cabling for a clean look for an additional charge.

7Do I need to help to lift the TV?

If the TV is 70 inches or larger, is highly recommended to tell us, so we send an additional installer to assist lifting the television to ensure your TV is installed safely.

8How can I tell what kind of wall I have?

You can quickly know by using your hand and knocking on the wall. If it emits a hollow sound, your wall is most likely drywall, plaster, or wood. If you do not hear any echo at all, your wall is probably brick, stone or concrete.

9How do I prepare for the installation?

Be ready for your appointment by making sure all the equipment you already have (e.g., televisions, AV receiver, speakers) is available for the technician at the time of the installation.

Make sure all the low and high voltage outlets are accessible, or you know where you want them installed.

Someone 18 years or older will be present for the duration of the installation.

Television sets and entertainment centers are at least three to five feet away from the wall.

10Do you provide commercial services?

Absolutely yes! Multimedia Tech provides services for almost any sized commercial installation in the area, for more info related to commercial service contact us directly at (281) 402-6777

11What’s the warranty?

We provide a limited lifetime warranty on TV mounts and labor. Additionally, Multimedia Tech is insured for all the work performed. Our business insurance policy is currently set at $1,000,000

12What Areas Do You Provide Service?

We provide our services mainly in the following cities:

  • Houston
  • Bellaire
  • Braeswood Place
  • Bunker Hill
  • Cypress
  • Energy Corridor
  • The Galleria
  • Hillshire Village
  • Houston Heights
  • Humble
  • Jersey Village
  • Katy
  • Memorial Houston
  • Midtown Houston
  • Montrose
  • Piney Point Village
  • Rice Military
  • River Oaks
  • Spring Branch
  • Spring Valley Village
  • Spring
  • Sugar Land
  • Upper Kirby
  • Washington Corridor
  • West University
  • The Woodlands
  • Atascocita
  • Kingwood
  • Crosby
  • Porter
And the surrounding areas around those cities.

13Do I Have To Be At Home During The Installation?

Yes! We will need someone at home or business to let us in, If possible, the person who places the order from us.

But if you choose not to be at home, please let us know with anticipation if there’s any access key or code to get to your home.

14Do you accept credit cards?

Yes, we accept credit card payments before your installation service, we also accept commercial checks and cash once the job is done!

15Is my personal information safe?

Yes, it is! we use secured and private networks to keep your info safe.

16Can you provide the equipment?

Yes, we are! We are an authorized dealer for over 300 top brands! And as authorized dealers for your peace of mind, all our products include manufacturers’ warranties.

17What other types of services do you offer?

Additionally, we also offer audiovisual custom installation services including residential and commercial installations, services such as:

  • Home theater installation
  • Projector installation
  • Projection screen installation
  • Speaker installation
  • Universal remote control programming
  • Wiring, in-wall wiring, pre-wiring installation
  • Whole-home audio system installation

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