Whole Home Audio-Video

Whole Home Audio-Video For Your Home

Whole Home Audio Video

Easy Control

Whole Home audio-video by Multimedia Tech can provide you with easy control of your favorite music from any room in your home. Easy-to-use in-wall or portable remote controls allow simple access to iPods, music on your computer, music servers, XM, Sirius, streaming internet radio and broadcast radio.

Convenient Access

Come home and with your whole home audio & video system, press a single button and imagine your favorite music fills the air. What will it be? How about classical to relax after a stressful day; rock to get the party going; or your favorite satellite radio channel while cooking dinner?  Meanwhile your spouse is working out to his/her favorite music at the other end of the house.

Multiple Devices

Stream music from one multi-room audio and video system, easily controlled from touchscreens, computers, and even in-wall controllers. You can easily navigate your music to choose your favorite station, artist, song or playlist. Multimedia Tech can hide your Blu-Ray or DVD player, cable or satellite box and other supporting components in a separate room or closet that will centrally distribute whole home audio-video throughout your home.  All of your movies can be centrally stored with a media server system with each room in your home having its own unique movie feed playing simultaneously on 4k UHDTVs.

Say Goodbye to Old and Bulky Electronic Components!

Gone are the mounts of stereo equipment in different rooms, and you can say goodbye to big box speakers. So rock the house with one of our many great whole home audio & video options! Whether it’s classical or rock, you’ll enjoy great sound throughout the house.

AV Components Hidden Out of Sight

Most people like the electronics hidden from view and new speaker technology delivers ”invisible” speaker options with exceptional sound quality. Motorized lifts can reveal a hidden TV. One-way mirrors can conceal TVs in living rooms and bathrooms. Once and for all get rid of all those ugly looking cables laying on the floor or hanging with spider webs.

All Integrated in One System

Our specialist can design, install and integrate all your av components into one fully functional setup specially if you have a home theater room that needs some work done. Feel free to contact us at (281) 402-6777 or book directly your appointment online by contacting us on the web. We also offer very helpful information on our tech blogs design to inform our customers as much as possible.

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