Remote Control Programming

Remote Control Programming

Listening to Multimedia Tech installers talk about remote control programming generates some pretty entertaining conversations.
Opinions aside, some things were unanimous: you want them easy to program, visually enticing, and ultimately – secure for your customer to use.

Mobile Devices Now Used As Smart Remotes

It represents a revolutionary new concept in control – allows users to incorporate Apple ® or Android® devices as the main graphical interface for their control system while adding the convenience of hard buttons for tactile control.

These eliminate the numerous screen swipes needed for control tasks that require frequent interaction such as channel changes, DVR control, or volume adjustments.

Remote control programming allows the user to enjoy the other benefits of their smartphone or tablet device, checking email, reading news feeds, accessing social media, etc.

To further enhance the experience for the user, remote control programming can track which electronic device is being controlled by an app and automatically controls the same.

Powerful and intuitive control in an inexpensive package – everything you desire in a smart remote, Multimedia Tech can program it all for you.!

Proven Platform

Smart remote control manufactures leverage more than three decades of remote control programming experience to create intuitive and elegant designs.

Each remote combines one-touch simplicity with powerful control options in a sleek, ergonomic form factor to control all your home audio-video with reliability.

Fastest Programming

Smart remotes come with computer-based remote control programming for basic systems, plus powerful tools for unmatched customization on larger projects. But don’t take our word for it – put it to the test.

Most Scalable

Whether the job calls for a standalone IR remote, RF controller, or iOS Apps – all remote control programming is managed through a single piece of software.

Scalability means no more bouncing between different applications to get the job done.

Best Database

Out of the box, the software in smart remotes comes with the industry’s most complete remote control programming database.

Best of all, it includes your favorite Multimedia Tech products like our AV receivers or Projectors – meaning you’ll spend less time “learning” and more time doing.

Greatest Value!

Smart remotes are competitively priced to go head-to-head with the latest technological trends. We are authorized dealers for URC, RTI, and Pro Control smart remotes, Call us today (281) 402-6777 to set up an appointment with one of our certified programmers.

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