Savant Remote Video Snapshot

This video features the new Savant remote, a Savant product. Programming a Savant smart remote control offers the most reliable synchronization of all the audio, video, and lighting devices in a media room.

Voice Control With Siri

Apple’s Siri integration with this remote makes everything easier.

Use Siri to control your Apple TV and extend the footprint of controllable devices through Apple’s HomeKit.

Home Control

The Savant Remote offers a user experience that’s second to none, with a customizable interface that puts the features you use most front and center.

Put the features you use most front and center with a flexible interface that lets each user customize their experience.

Music Control

Control the soundtrack to your life with easy access to your playlists, stations, and more.

Everything is interconnected, switching automatically between cables, connectors, and ports for you!

Put just a remote that operated everything correctly.

All The Scenes

Capture, save, and recall any combination of services and settings with a single tap, or set your Scene to activate on a schedule, all right from the remote.

All The Rooms

Display custom room images, browse services by room, or pin the remote’s homeroom to the main page.

Select all the rooms throughout your home, especially the media room with speakers, a projection screen, a 4k projector, an AV receiver, smart lighting, and home theater seating.

Advanced Features

With Savant IP Video Tiling, use the remote to switch services or select from preset Tiling layouts.

TrueImage And Lighting

Select color favorites and get visual lighting feedback in real time with the award-winning TrueImage interface right on the Remote screen.

Beautiful Design

Elegantly tapered, with sleek contours, soft touchback, and buttons with easy reach.

The Savant remote is designed with perfect contours and a sleek design.

Admire how this beautiful, smart remote can automate your home lifestyle.

Up until now, ease of use and intuitive control has only been available to the only high-end custom programmed system.

  • Compatible with over 400,000 devices.
  • Native Sonos compatibility.
  • Voice commands.
  • Multiple user profile capabilities.
  • The Savant system functionality surpasses others at this price point.
  • No complicated programming or installation is needed.
  • Communication over Bluetooth and WiFi for easy setup.
  • Curved high-resolution touch screen.
  • Easy switching between 2.1 HDMI cables

Use It With The Wireless Blaster

Control your devices in closed cabinets by syncing the wireless blaster that lets you reach cable boxes, receivers, and other devices outside the line of sight of your Savant Remote.

Works better With The Savant Host

The core intelligence of the Savant Platform is within the Savant Host.

Through the most sophisticated software in the industry, Savant Hosts can manage the varied technologies within any smart home or property.

And here is the deal:

The systems scale with your needs. (“Add all the electric devices you need”).

Unquestionably Savant has always beautiful design products, and this remote is no exception.