how to mount a soundbar

A great alternative to a full surround sound speaker system is a soundbar, but how to choose a soundbar can be a haunting experience.

No worries, we have you covered.

A soundbar is an all in one speaker system designed to give a surround sound effect and works relatively well.

Generally, they are very wide, which is helps spread the sound and adds to the surround sound effect.

They are cheap, provide pretty good sound, certainly a massive upgrade from your built-in TV speaker, and are well designed as they are intended to sit in front of or on your TV.

Models are available with standalone subwoofers, some with wireless subs and IR repeaters, which send your TV remote controls signal behind the soundbar if it is placed in front of the TV’s infrared receiver.

Built-in Bluetooth

You can also get some with a built-in Bluetooth so you can wirelessly connect it to your mobile and other devices to play music through it without any connections.

The downside is that they can be challenging to place depending on how your room is set up, but if you can, they are incredibly convenient with minimal cables.

But, let’s admit it for some rooms a soundbar is a natural alternative compared to a more advanced home theater system installation

Within Your Budget Range

Like any speaker system, it can be difficult to gauge its quality while listening to it in a busy, open-plan store.

Our recommendation is to choose a few in your budget range based on manufacturer’s specifications and looks (it’s going to be front and center after all) and then ask for a professional opinion from one of the experienced installers at Multimedia Tech.

Don’t rely on only the manufactures or sales people’s hype.

What About Passive Soundbars?

Another option is to build your system by getting a Marantz AV receiver and a passive soundbar.

This can be a better value option than buying an all in one package and tends to be easier to upgrade.

Something which the all in one package tend to make impossible and best of all at a very affordable price point.

Sound Quality

Again your budget should be focussed on the speakers; a reasonable AV receiver will be more than adequate, especially if it is bundled with a TV mounting by a local professional AV installation company in Houston, Texas.

There are some hugely expensive units available with impressive-sounding electronic innards, but testing suggests the difference in sound quality is negligible with even experts struggling to tell the difference.

Without top-end speakers, any difference there is will likely never be heard anyway.