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Savant Remote Setup

Get the most from your TV with remote control programming services from Multimedia Tech.
A remote control programmer will program your new Savant remote control for easy operation of your TV and home theater components.
  • Place the Savant Host anywhere with a strong signal
  • Place the remote base within line of sight of your entertainment system
  • Use the Savant App to quickly guide you through setup
  • Connect to your WiFi
  • Search for Savant devices
  • Add your Savant remote
  • Add additional audio devices like Sonos
  • Add your TV
  • Setup the Savant blaster if necessary
  • Place the blaster in front of the devices you want to control
  • Add your cable box
  • Repeat the process to setup additional entertainment devices
  • Add the lamp Controller if necessary
  • Plug in your Lamp Control or schedule your lights
  • Set the mood with Savant Scenes

Use The Savant App For Setup

Connect To Your WiFi

Search For Savant Devices

Add Your TV

Add Your Cable Box

Setup Your Savant Remote Blaster

Easily Setup Your Remote

Get an excellent Savant remote setup by programming your Savant remote control to operate your television and home theater components. Use the app to set up everything quickly, connect it to the WiFi, search for your devices, add your TV, add your cable box, and additional component, and you are done.