Connectors And Ports

With so many types of choices when purchasing a new television, TV connectors and ports can be incredibly confusing. But there is a logic behind all those different cables connected to the television.

In these TV connectors and ports infographic, we cover all the kinds of connections and then explain their functionality to understand how electronic systems are integrated.

Regardless of the TV, it is on a TV stand or mounted on the wall with a TV mount.

TV Connectors and Ports

How Are the Ports And Connectors Designed

Today’s new televisions are equipped with different types of connectors and ports. Figuring out what connects where can be confusing.

TV Connectors and Ports Definition

HDMI Cables Functions

HDMI cables transmit audio, video, control signals, low voltage power, ethernet, and copyright protection (HDCP).

TV Connectors and Ports HDMI

Optical Cables Functions

An optical cable uses a fiber optical cable to transmit a digital audio signal.

TV Connectors and Ports Optical Digital Cable

Ethernet Cable Functions

An ethernet cable is used when connecting a TV to the internet. A hardwired connection is faster and more reliable.

TV Connectors and Ports Ethernet Cable

USB Cable Functions

USB is used to transfer audio, video, data, and even charging components.

TV Connectors and Ports USB Cable

Component Video Cables “Analog HD”

Component Video Cables transmit high-quality analog video – Commonly referred to as “analog HD.”

TV Connectors and Ports Component Video Cable

Composite Video Cable “Analog Video”

A composite video cable transmits “analog video” signals.

TV Connectors and Ports Composite Video Cable

RCA Audio Cables “Stereo Format”

RCA audio cables transmit analog signals. Mostly with the “stereo format.”

TV Connectors and Ports RCA Audio Cables

Auxiliar Cable “Analog Audio”

An Auxiliary cable transmits “analog audio” signals using a 3.5 mm connector.

TV Connectors and Ports Auxiliary Cable
TV Connectors and Ports Source Multimedia Tech

These are all the ports and connectors that new televisions come with.

Understanding what cables to use and what is compatible with what when setting up a television can be frustrating.

We hope that this infographic will assist you to visualize better how ports and connectors integrate with a new television.

And how to make sure that audio, video, control, low power, and data are integrated better.