From Our Customers

The professional from this company did a fantastic job. He was knowledgeable and polite. He was very professional and made my living room set up look great! Pricing was reasonable and I would highly recommend.

Thank you so much!

Mark Thompson

The installation work was of high quality and the service was very professional. The fact that JC cares more about how the wiring should avoid being visible from the exterior tells a lot of how he cares about the quality of his work and about the customers. The price is very reasonable, too. Would recommend to anyone.

Bert Perkins

They were very professional, prompt and did a flawless job. I was referred to them by a friend of mine.

They were able to come and mount my TV on the same day.

They were so professional and very satisfied with their work done.

I’ll definitely recommend and use them again.

Kevin Arenas

We hired them to mount TV in our office and couldn’t be happier.

The servicemen made sure that all wires are hidden, to make it look clean.

They mount the TV in a professional and efficient manner.

I’m very pleased with the outcome and would have no hesitation to recommend them.

Stan Johnson

Super fast service with a free quote, and very professional installation.

I got a great quality tv bracket installed in my living room for a wonderful price.

I will definitely call them again for future installation.

The best of the best.

Eric Jensen

We need a projector mounted for our new media room located on the second floor.

JC got us what we wanted for the right price.

The installation was done ahead of time and efficient.

We now can use our media room with the projector and also we can stream music from our phone apps.

Should’ve done this months ago.

We will definitely call Multimedia Tech as our renovations continues. Thanks for a greatly done job.

Natalia Valenkova

My God-daughter decided to throw her ambulance at our old Samsung 55′ Plasma HDTV shattering the screen just enough to make the whole thing worthless since is more expensive to fix it than buying a new TV!

So, we went out to the store and bought a nice 75″ 4K curved TV instead.

To prevent this accident from happening again, I thought it was time to protect my investment and mount my new TV on the wall where it would be out of reach from being hit with toys.

After finding out that all the major electronic stores that sell high def TV do not offer TV mounting services (with exception of the Geek Squad with Best Buy

I decided to look online for an AV company that could do it.

That’s when I found Multimedia Tech on Yelp.

After seeing the good reviews and the example pictures online I gave them a call for a quote.

So, I called from work and Francisco answered the phone, he was polite and courteous and listened to my requests.

I told him about my newly purchased 75″ TV and also told him that I was also thinking about buying an 88″ TV that I saw at Best Buy and if I also wanted to purchase that I would also need someone to install that one.

Also I wanted the wires hidden behind the wall for a clean look.

What was the price quote?

He gave me a VERY competitive quote that was better than Best Buy’s Geek Squad for the installation of the 75″ curved TV which would save me a big chunk of money since The Geek Squad quoted me a little over a $1000 dollars for the installation of my TV over my fireplace with the right mounting bracket, cables hidden behind the fireplace wall, electric outlet and all the additional cables required to make it work perfectly.

Right away I decided to ask what would be the case scenario if they provided the 88″ Samsung TV that I was thinking about purchasing and mounted it over the fireplace with everything needed and also to install my 75 curved in the master bedroom instead, since I rather have a slightly bigger TV in the living room.

To my surprise the price difference was only $99 to cover the price of the bigger heavy duty mount.

So I accepted the proposal right away and scheduled a delivery and installation date on my day off since I thought it would take all day to install these two TVs.

The work that was done, It was fantastic!

They got here are 9 am and were out a little before 5pm.

They installed electric receptacles for my fireplace and living room.

Mounted the 2 TVs with the right brackets and the installation was perfect, no hiccups.

Also, all the cables were hidden behind the wall and came out at the bottom where all my components connect.

This allowed me to close the cabinet door for an even cleaner look.

I ended up adding a Universal smart remote control for $250 that they provided and programmed for me.

After the TVs were installed they also programmed my TVs to connect to my internet (its a “SMART” TV) and made sure my Direct TV cable boxes, audio receivers, and blu ray players were working.

They even helped me find my wireless password on my ATT Router because I forgot.

They completely understand HOW wireless and Smart TV’s work no doubt! In short I HIGHLY RECOMMEND Francisco and his team.

After asking if this company was family operated he said he was the owner so that’s why I wanted to do the review for him and they are also a local business that supports our community and delivers sensational services at a fair price much better than Geek Squad advertises.

(They would have charged a fortune for all this. I’ve used Geek Squad in the past when they installed my audio systems throughout the house years ago, it would’ve taken them 4 days to complete the project).

If you are looking for a professional AV company that can manage your project and provide all the custom equipment fast and at a reasonable price with high quality, then go with Francisco and Multimedia Tech for sure!

Chester Taylor

Once again Multimedia Tech solved the problem.

Amazing, fast, professional and knowledgeable people taking care of all the details.

I almost can’t wait until my home theater breaks so I can call Multimedia Tech!! Just kidding… Thanks guys. Keep up the great work.

Booster Terrik